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CanSino Biologics Biological Co., Ltd.

CanSino Biologics Biological Co., Ltd. takes it as its mission to provide worldwide solutions for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, focusing on the research, development, production and commercialization of innovative, high-quality and accessible human vaccines. CanSino Biologics Biological Co., Ltd. is not only a leading high-tech biological product enterprise in the industry, but also a leader in innovative vaccine research and development.


The project site is located at 185 South Street, Dongli District, Tianjin. In order to expand the production scale, a new plant is built with ozone generator. After detailed design, careful investigation, and multiple comparisons by the customer in the early stage, it was finally decided to use the products of Guolin Technology Group Co., Ltd., and purchased 4 sets of 200g/h and 2 sets of 300g/h air source ozone generators, repeating the purchase several times. Customer site for clean area space disinfection, ozone generator generated ozone, through the pipeline to the air conditioning outlet.

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