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After-sales Guarantee

Our customer service team takes "meeting the needs of customers" as the basic work orientation, providing the whole life cycle of ozone generator system installation, debugging, maintenance and technical transformation, simultaneously providing the professional maintenance and upgrading services of generators of various brands, and integrating value-added services into the whole circle of customer service for each customer.

Our customer service team operates at a 24-hour * 365-year agenda providing customers with the attentive service of "2-hour fast response, 24-hour on-site arrival" (In China mainland).


Service network

Operation of Services

According to the customer needs of different customers, our company can provide in-factory service, monthly inspection service, quarterly inspection service, semi-annual inspection service and overhaul of ozone generator, or work mode and inspection mode that can be negotiated.

For details, you can communicate with the customer service team.

Service Type

Quality Assurance service

The products sold by our company can enjoy free warranty service within the time stipulated in the contract, including but not limited to product installation, regular inspection, fault maintenance, etc. The specific free service content shall be implemented according to the contract agreement of both parties.

Maintenance Service

Our custmore service team provides professional services to fulfill customized requirements of customers under special charging agreement. The customers may or may not exceed the warranty perior. The paid service fees will vary according to different cities or regions.

There are three charging methods for the overhaul or renovation of ozone generator:

1. Adopt the cost of accessory materials (charged according to the actual situation) + maintenance cost (the price varies according to the size of the equipment);

2. The mode of contract work and material package;

3. There are custom charging methods as agreed in the contract.

For more information, contact the customer service center.

Customer Service Number


Service Content



  • Customer Service Center


  • 7×24 year-round service

    2 hours response, 24 hours at the scene.(In China mainland)

  • Active intelligent service

    Complete customer profiles providing proactive services

  • Expert considerate service

    We have long-term cooperation with experts of ozone technology.

  • Upgrade

    Cooperate with client to upgrade relevant equipment in the ozone generation system.