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Global potential suppliers

In order to further develop and utilize the high-quality supply resources of the society, promote the marketization and good competition of suppliers, in line with the cooperation concept of "mutual benefit and win-win", Guolin technology now openly solicits all kinds of suppliers from all over the world, and welcomes all kinds of suppliers and friends with legal operation, good operation performance and qualified qualifications to actively participate in the development of the enterprise.

If you have intention join Guolin's supplier directory, please download the Supplier Questionnaire attached below and fill the form. Also, you have to email the questionnaire with relevant certificates to glcaigou@china-guolin.com(only specified mailbox). The pre-trial will be taken immediately, if the offer doesn't in company demand range, Guolin will note the applicant in 15 working days. However, if the applicant's product meet our needs according to the pre-trial, Guolin supply chain management team will carry out field evaluation or data evaluation.

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  • Customer Service Center


  • 7×24 year-round service

    2 hours response, 24 hours at the scene.(In China mainland)

  • Active intelligent service

    Complete customer profiles providing proactive services

  • Expert considerate service

    We have long-term cooperation with experts of ozone technology.

  • Upgrade

    Cooperate with client to upgrade relevant equipment in the ozone generation system.