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Background Information and Customer Requirements

Central Reserve Grain Zhongning Direct Warehouse Co., Ltd. Project

The Central Reserve Grain Zhongning Direct Warehouse Co., Ltd. was established on December 9th, 1999. The company's business scope includes: the acquisition, storage, transportation, processing, sales, and related businesses of grain and oil under the central authority; Grain and oil trade operations, etc.


In order to strengthen the security management of grain reserves, the customer has decided to use ozone generators. After detailed design, careful inspection, and multiple comparisons by the client in the early stage, the final decision was made to choose Guolin Technology's ozone generator. The ozone generator of Guolin Technology will effectively improve the safety management of grain reserves. The ozone generator can generate ozone gas for disinfection and sterilization, effectively inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and pest breeding in grain storage, and thus maintaining the quality and hygiene of grain.

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