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Zhuhai Meixi Water Plant Deep Treatment (Phase I) Project

The project was tendered in November 2021, with the ozone generator serving as the main equipment for the ozone-activated carbon deep treatment process in the water treatment plant. The bidding entities included Qingdao Guolin, as well as imported brands such as Ozonia, Wedeco, and Denora. The ozone generation system requirements for this project are currently at the highest level in China's municipal water supply industry. Guolin stood out in competition with international mainstream ozone generator brands, thanks to its excellent performance, high quality, and comprehensive after-sales service system. Guolin successfully won the bid in December 2021.


Meixi Water Treatment Plant Deep Treatment Project by Zhuhai Water Environment Holdings Group Ltd. The total capacity of the water plant is 450,000 m³/d, and the current phase of the project is Phase 1, with equipment selection based on a capacity of 150,000 m³/d. The ozone generation system consists of two sets of ozone generators with a capacity of 21.7 kg/h each.

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