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Wujiang Miaogang Water Plant Deep Treatment (Phase I) Project

Wujiang Huayan Water Co., Ltd. was established in October 2005. It is the first water service joint venture project of Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (China Gas) in mainland China, with a 30-year franchise for water supply in the Wujiang administrative region. Wujiang Huayan Water Co., Ltd. operates under a regional water supply model, utilizing the Tai Lake as its water source, providing interconnected water supply coverage to the entire 1,176 km2 of the city. With a water supply pipeline network exceeding 5,000 km, it serves over 600,000 households, delivering an annual water supply volume exceeding 200,000,000 m3.


Miaogang Water Treatment Plant Deep Treatment Project (Phase 1), designed to treat a water volume of 600,000 tons/day, utilizing three sets of 20kg ozone generation systems with oxygen source.

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