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Jinan Grain Depot Disinfection Project

Shandong is a major agricultural province with a perennial grain planting area of over 100 million acres. It is also an important agricultural product production, processing, and export base in China, with the output of major agricultural products such as grain, cotton, and oil consistently ranking among the top in the country. The grains are abundant, and each and every grain returns to the warehouse. For the general public, granaries are not a unfamiliar concept. However, how technology is used to ensure food security in granaries is not widely known.


To strengthen the security management of grain reserves, it is necessary to equip it with an ozone generator. After careful design, careful inspection, and multiple comparisons by the client in the early stage, the First grain depot, Second grain depot, Third grain depot, Beishan grain depot, and Licheng District grain reserve depot of Jinan City have finally decided to use Guolin Technology Company's 700g/h ozone generator product.

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