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Yangtze Estuary Chinese sturgeon Conservation Base Phase II Project

In 2020, the Chinese sturgeon Conservation and Management Regulations of Shanghai was issued, and the scale of the Chinese sturgeon conservation base was expanded. On the basis of the completion and use of the first phase of the base, the second phase of the base is under accelerated construction, with a total floor area of 46000 square meters: both indoor and outdoor storage ponds, environmental monitoring and species protection laboratories, water treatment facilities and other supporting projects were implemented simultaneously.


Yangtze Estuary Chinese sturgeon Conservation Base Phase II Project purchases Guolin Technology 15g-3kg/h ozone generation system, which can sterilize biological eggs, breeding water and facilities through ozone disinfection equipment to prevent the invasion of pathogens. The application of ozone in aquaculture is very rich, and the application of ozone generators has achieved high utilization rates.

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