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Academician Wu Fengchang passionately explains “The National Water Pollution Control and Treatment Science and Technology Major Project”


On the evening of June 4th, CCTV-2 aired the program “China Economic Lecture Hall,” in which Academician Wu Fengchang, the Chief Engineer of “The National Water Pollution Control and Treatment Science and Technology Major Project” and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, was invited to participate. During the in-depth discussion on the topic of “Water Project”, he emphasized, “The ozone generator is the most critical equipment in ozone treatment technology and serves as a core component in many environmental protection projects. The discharge tube is the essential part of the entire ozone generator, especially in large-scale ozone generators. It can be said that whoever develops high-performance and long-life discharge tubes gains control.” Academician Wu Fengchang showcased the “DTA Non-glass Discharge Tube” (patent number: ZL 2008 1 0015373.0), a product independently developed by Guolin Technology, during the program.

In 2001, Qingdao Guolin Industrial limited company (the predecessor of Qingdao Guolin Technology Group Co., Ltd.) began theoretical and material research on the Dielectric Barrier Discharge technology. After more than a year, we have taken the lead in conquering the key technology for the industrialization of "DTA Non-Glass Discharge Tube". This product integrates high voltage electrode and insulating dielectric, featuring low loss, high thermal conductivity, high dielectric constant, high mechanical strength, thermal shock strength, easy installation and maintenance, and has obtained a number of patents and core process proprietary technology. The industrialization breakthrough of dielectric barrier discharge technology has laid a solid foundation for the industrialization, large-scale production, and localization process of Guolin Technology's large-scale ozone generation system, greatly enhancing the company's core competitiveness.

At the beginning of the 21st century, water pollution has become a major challenge to China's economic and social development, and at the same time, deep treatment of drinking water has long been monopolized by foreign ozone technology. In 2011, Guolin Technology undertook the national 12th Five-Year science and technology major special project of “The development and industrialization of large-scale ozone generator with Non-Glass Dielectric”, developed high-performance, high-life discharge tubes with independent intellectual property rights, developed ozone generator series products, and promoted the localization and specialization of ozone generation system equipment.

After more than 20 years of efforts, Guolin Technology has now established a complete core technology system for ozone generators and is internationally leading in glass and non glass discharge dielectric technology. Guolin Technology has mastered multiple key technologies in the manufacturing and operation of large-scale ozone system equipment: dielectric barrier discharge technology, capacitive load high power inverter resonant power supply technology, capacitive load high power dry type high voltage transformer technology, power control technology based on IP core and digital logic circuit, and embedded on-line detection and remote monitoring technology of ozone system.

As a leading enterprise in the domestic ozone industry, Guolin has participated in the formulation of multiple industry standards and undertaken major research and development projects in the industry. Guolin has successively undertaken the following projects: “The Development and Industrialization of Large-Scale Ozone Generator with Non-Glass Dielectric” project of the national 12th Five-Year science and technology major special project, "The Application and Industrialization of Ozone Engineering in Urban Sewage Treatment System" project of the "Integration of Standard Upgrading Technology and Equipment Complete Set Application in Urban Sewage Treatment Plants" project, “The NOx and SO2 Collaborative Absorption Technology Based on Pre Ozonation” project of National 13th Five Year Plan Key R&D Plan "Demonstration Project of Integrated Control Technology for Coal Pollutant (SO2, NOx, PM)" project, "R&D, Evaluation, Validation, and Standardization of Integrated Equipment for Large-Scale Ozone Generators" project of "Evaluation, Verification and Standardization of Key Materials and Equipment in Urban Water Supply System" project. As the responsible drafting organization for the industry standard "Ozone Generator for Water Treatment CJ/T322-2010" implemented in 2010, the company led the drafting of the national standard "Technical Requirements for Ozone Generators for Water Treatment" GB/T 37894-2019, which was officially released on August 30, 2019. The new standard came into effect on July 1, 2020. In May 2020, the company took charge of editing the group standard "Technical Specification for Intelligent Modules for End-of-Pipe Water Quality Online Monitoring in Urban Water Supply Networks," which was implemented and released. In September 2020, the company led the editing of the group standard "Application Regulations for Ozone Systems in Water Supply Treatment," which was published and implemented by the China Environmental Protection Machinery Industry Association. In December 2020, the company participated in the compilation of the group standard "Technical Regulations for Detection and Evaluation of Ozone Systems in Water Supply Treatment," which was released and implemented by the China Quality Inspection Association. In 2021, Guolin was recognized as a national-level specialized and innovative "Small Giant" enterprise.

The ozone generator independently developed by Guolin Technology has been widely used in municipal tap water treatment, sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, flue gas denitrification treatment, fine chemical industry and many other fields in China. The major breakthroughs in high-tech equipment such as ozone generators have provided technical support for sewage treatment. The "Water Special Project" has made breakthroughs in key areas such as industrial wastewater treatment, urban wastewater treatment, and drinking water safety assurance treatment, and the quality of various water in China continues to improve.

Technological innovation, industry serving the country. After more than 30 years of accumulation of ozone technology, Guolin Technology has mastered the production of tube discharge ozone. By breaking through the plate discharge ozone production technology and proton membrane exchange ozone production technology, it has successfully developed new ozone applications in the fields of semiconductors and medical health. Qingdao Guolin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Guolin Health Technology Co., Ltd. have been established, and they have set foot in the development of semiconductors and medical health fields.

In the future, Guolin Technology will always adhere to the concept of "developing ozone technology and casting green industry", continue to focus on ozone technology research and application, and provide professional ozone system solutions for customers in more fields and different needs.



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