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Guolin and Shanghai Fudan Water Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd. signed a framework agreement for ozone generation system accessories and maintenance services


With the development of the social economy, the market competition in the water industry has become increasingly fierce, and customer demands have become more diversified. In order to adapt to the ever-changing market environment, in 2023, Guolin's Customer Service Center actively changed its sales strategies and expanded its sales business. It established friendly cooperation with 14 water plants under Shanghai Fudan Water Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd., including Shanghai Fengxian Western Wastewater Treatment Co., Ltd., Pinghu Dushan Wastewater Treatment Co., Ltd., Kaifa Xinquan Water (Changshu, Dafeng, Taizhou, Tiantai) Co., Ltd., Ningbo Huangjiabu Coastal Wastewater Treatment Co., Ltd., etc., and signed annual framework agreements.

The signing of this framework agreement will contribute to the future performance breakthrough of Guolin's Customer Service Center and leave a deep impression at the headquarters of the water plants. Guolin's Customer Service Center will provide professional services and maintenance to the cooperating water plants through this framework agreement. Guolin Technology will also strengthen communication and collaboration with the cooperating water plants, gain in-depth understanding of customer needs, and improve customer satisfaction by providing solutions, technical support, and after-sales services, aiming for mutual benefits and win-win cooperation to jointly promote the development of the water industry.

Guolin's Customer Service Center is guided by the principle of "meeting customer needs" and provides worry-free services throughout the entire cycle of ozone generation system installation, commissioning, maintenance, and technical upgrades. It also offers professional repair, maintenance, and upgrade services for various domestic and foreign brands of ozone generators. Value-added services are integrated into every aspect closely related to each customer.

The Customer Service Center has established a 24h*365 year-round non-stop service mode. Service stations have been set up in eight cities across China, including Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, and Shihezi. These service stations are dedicated to providing attentive service with a "2-hour rapid response and on-site arrival within 24 hours" to customers.



  • Customer Service Center


  • 7×24 year-round service

    2 hours response, 24 hours at the scene.(In China mainland)

  • Active intelligent service

    Complete customer profiles providing proactive services

  • Expert considerate service

    We have long-term cooperation with experts of ozone technology.

  • Upgrade

    Cooperate with client to upgrade relevant equipment in the ozone generation system.