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Guolin Technology appeared at the ECWA Water Exhibition in Russia, and conducted technical and business exchanges with many companies


Recently, the Russian Moscow Water Treatment Exhibition ECWATECH (hereinafter referred to as "Russian ECWA Water Exhibition") was grandly held in Moscow. As one of the largest and most influential water treatment industry events in Russia and Eastern Europe, the Russian ECWA Water Exhibition brings together top companies and institutions in the field of water treatment around the world, providing a platform for exchanges and cooperation for many exhibitors, visitors and professionals.

As a leading enterprise in the domestic ozone industry, Guolin Technology participated in the exhibition and discussed in-depth cutting-edge technologies and solutions in the fields of municipal sewage treatment and municipal tap water with experts and scholars in the Russian water treatment industry, laying the foundation for subsequent in-depth cooperation.

The technicians and sales managers of Guolin Technology introduced and displayed our large-scale ozone generators, industrial ozone generators, PSA/VPSA oxygen production systems, ozone generator supporting equipment, etc. to customers in an all-round way at the exhibition, and won the unanimous recognition and high evaluation of Russian customers.

The holding of this exhibition not only allowed Guolin Technology's ozone generation technology and products to be more displayed and promoted, but also built a good communication platform for Chinese and Russian enterprises, promoting technological progress and industrial development.

Guolin Technology has always adhered to the concept of "scientific and technological innovation, industry serving the country" to promote the development and application of ozone generator water treatment technology on a global scale. In the future, Guolin Technology will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Russia and other international markets to provide global customers with more high-quality and efficient water treatment technologies and solutions.



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