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Guolin Technology Helps Xuwei New District Second Water Plant Phase III Project


Recently, Guolin Technology provided two sets of oxygen source 50kg/h ozone generator complete systems for the Phase III and advanced treatment project (Phase II) of the Second Water Plant in Xuwei New District, Lianyungang, to escort the wastewater treatment in Xuwei New District.

Xuwei New Area is the pilot area of the National East-China-West Regional Cooperation Demonstration Zone approved by the State Council and one of the seven national petrochemical industry bases. As an important urban infrastructure building project, the second water plant phase III project in Xuwei New Area is of great significance for optimizing the sewage discharge scheme, minimizing the sewage discharge from the petrochemical base, and building a national ecological industrial demonstration park.

Ozone can decompose refractory organic matter, improve the biodegradability of wastewater, kill bacteria and viruses with strong chlorine resistance, decolorize and deodorize, and increase dissolved oxygen in water, improve water quality, and make wastewater meet national environmental protection standards.

Guolin Technology's ozone generators for water treatment have the advantages of high-efficiency sterilization and odor elimination. The product performance has passed a number of certifications and has been widely recognized and praised by the market. The two sets of oxygen source ozone generator complete systems provided this time will further improve the sewage treatment capacity of the second water plant phase III project in Xuwei New District, and ensure the water quality compliance rate, making important contributions to the ecological environment safety of Xuwei New District.



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