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Unity and forge ahead to warm people's hearts, based on the post to reflect the cold winter


On January 9th, Xinjiang Guolin New Materials Factory entered the cold of March 9th in the new year. On the north side of the factory, there are two warehouses carefully managed by the warehousing department. They shoulder the heavy responsibility of the flow of raw materials throughout the factory, and also carry the precise scheduling tasks of warehousing and outbound finished products.

On the 18th, a heavy snow covered the entire factory area, and the temperature plummeted to minus 22 degrees Celsius. However, the working area of the warehousing department did not slow down the pace as a result, but was busy as usual. The stacking yard was snowy, the weighbridge was strictly operated, and the snow clearing work at the entrance of the warehouse was orderly; the raw material vehicles were arranged for unloading operations, and the finished products were loaded out of the warehouse in an orderly manner; the production of raw materials in the workshop was also accurately connected, and everything was in full swing in an orderly manner.

The snowflakes did not stop, and the pulse of the work did not slow down a little. Outside the warehouse, the warehouse staff monitoring the unloading process sometimes rubbed their hands and breathed in the cold wind, and sometimes stomped their feet to keep warm; the forklift driver in charge of loading and unloading was shuttling through the ice and snow with delicate movements, and both people and cars were gently hung in the snow. After the unloading task was completed, the staff of each position followed the division of duties and started warehouse inspections and snow removal work on the site. The scene was harmonious and orderly, like a picture of winter work rhyme.

This is just a corner of the production of Xinjiang Guolin New Materials Factory. Here, hard-working sweat flows 24 hours a day. Colleagues stick to their posts, are diligent and pragmatic, and each has dedicated himself to his area of responsibility. In the late-night canteen, chefs use bowls of hot and sour noodle soup to disperse the cold of winter nights for their colleagues. Here, we are united and move forward together, hold on to the cold winter post with tenacity, and welcome the arrival of spring with full enthusiasm for work! Here, we join hands and work together to move forward towards the future and create brilliant achievements together!



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