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Good news! Guolin Health won a national invention patent!


Recently, good news came from the State Intellectual Property Office that the "A Piezoelectric Ceramic Material and Its Preparation Method" declared by Qingdao Guolin Health Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully obtained the national invention patent authorization.

The invention patent relates to the technical field of piezoelectric ceramics, in particular to a piezoelectric ceramic material and a preparation method thereof.

Piezoelectric ceramics are functional materials that can convert electrical energy and mechanical energy, such as lead niobate and lead zirconate titanate piezoelectric ceramics. Due to their good mechanical energy and electrical energy conversion capabilities, they are widely used in various fields such as ultrasonic sensors, piezoelectric actuators, piezoelectric transformers, piezoelectric acoustic devices, etc. With the development of electronic devices towards miniaturization and intelligence, higher and higher requirements have been placed on the performance of piezoelectric ceramics, such as high voltage constant, high dielectric constant, and high electromechanical coupling coefficient. The development of piezoelectric ceramics with high voltage constant has always been the research focus of researchers in this field.

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a piezoelectric ceramic material and a preparation method thereof. The raw materials of the piezoelectric ceramic material cooperate with each other and cooperate to improve the piezoelectric strain coefficient, the electromechanical coupling coefficient Kp and the relative dielectric constant of the piezoelectric ceramic material of the present application. ε r, and can reduce the resonant impedance Z and dielectric loss D of the piezoelectric ceramic material.

The acquisition of this invention patent marks the company's breakthrough and achievement in the field of technology, and plays a key role in building a complete intellectual property protection system for the company. The acquisition of this patent is not only a recognition of the company's technical strength, but also an affirmation of the company's innovation ability and R & D level.

In the future, Guolin Health will continue to strengthen its scientific and technological innovation work, enhance its technical strength and core competitiveness, and use innovation as an important driving force for development, further consolidate the company's position in the industry, and lay a solid foundation for sustainable and stable development.



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