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Guolin Technology partners with Shenzhen Longgang Water Group to assist the first phase of the Shahu Water Plant project


Recently, Guolin Technology provided four sets of air source 10kg/h ozone system equipment for Shahu Water Plant of Shenzhen Longgang Water Group, assisting in the construction of the first phase of the Shahu Water Plant project.
The current facilities of Shahu Water Plant are the conventional treatment with a water supply scale of 100,000 cubic meters per day. This project expands the conventional treatment facilities of 100,000 cubic meters per day, adds 200,000 cubic meters per day of advanced treatment facilities and structures, and improves the sludge treatment facilities of the whole plant to achieve a significant improvement in overall treatment efficiency and environmental protection standards.

Guolin Technology's 4 sets of air source 10kg/h ozone equipment are fortunate to be used by water plants. Due to the strong oxidation of ozone, macromolecular organic matter in water can be oxidized into small molecular organic matter, enhancing the biodegradability of organic matter and improving the purification efficiency of the treatment process. By adding ozone, the effects of disinfection and sterilization, oxidation of organic matter, removal of water smell and improvement of color can be achieved.

After the completion of the project, it will effectively enhance the quality and safety of Pingshan water supply and provide strong support for the construction of the eastern center of Shenzhen. In the future, Guolin Technology will always adhere to the concept of "developing ozone technology and casting green industry", continue to focus on ozone technology research and application, and provide professional ozone system solutions for customers in more fields and different needs.



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