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ULT Super Oxygen Atoms Generator

ULT super oxygen atoms generator is a family physiotherapy functional water machine independently developed by Guolin Health Technology. This machine uses the high-purity ozone generated in the electrolyzed water ozone generation tank to dissolve in drinking water, providing household users with ozone water with different functions. Its raw material is only pure water, and the entire process only uses oxygen as a companion organism.It is healthy and mild product.

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Product Features

Deionized water circulation system

Not disturbed by external environment humidity, etc

High safety factor

Low operation and maintenance costs



  • Customer Service Center


  • 7×24 year-round service

    2 hours response, 24 hours at the scene.(In China mainland)

  • Active intelligent service

    Complete customer profiles providing proactive services

  • Expert considerate service

    We have long-term cooperation with experts of ozone technology.

  • Upgrade

    Cooperate with client to upgrade relevant equipment in the ozone generation system.