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Ozone technology involved modern physics, materials, electronics, precision mechanicals, automation controls, information, Applied Chemistry. It is a comprehensive technical knowledge accorss multi-disciplinary. In long-term, the company has been committed to the research and development of ozone and ozone equipment manufacturing technology. In 1996, enterprise established the R & D center of ozone technology R & D. The center is constructed by ozone base Research Office, Power Electronic Research Office, automation control laboratory, mechanical structure Research Office, ozone system research office, composition of ozone Application Laboratory and standardization committe.

By applying the reasonable R & D workfolow and management system, it successfuly promote the technical innovation in R & D team and made a lot outstanding breakthroughs. These breaking results inculde the DTA non-glass discharge body technology, high-power medium frequency inverter, resonant power supply design technology, high-power medium frequency inverter control technology, online detecting and monitoring technology. These core technologies give the advance in producing Guolin's ozone equipment. In additon, the results formed hundred patents and multiple domestic leading technology, which greatly enhances the company's ability of competitiveness making company always stay in the leading position of fierce competitive market.

The industrial standard of "ozone generator for water treatment" completed by the company's R & D team. As the main drafters was officially promulgated and implemented by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in 2010. In 2016, the company took the lead in drafting the national standard "technical requirements for ozone generator for water treatment". In 2017, the company has undertaken the special subject of "evaluation, verification and standardization of research and development of large-scale ozone generator integrated equipment" in "evaluation and verification and standardization of key materials and equipment of urban water supply system" in the "major special project of water pollution control and treatment science and technology" of the national "13th Five-Year Plan outline", which was completed and accepted in July 2021.

Core technology of ozone generator

Core Technology Structure

Ozone application technology

  • Ozone application technology of drinking water
  • Municipal sewage ozone application technology
  • Industrial wastewater ozone application technology
  • Flue gas denitration ozone application technology
  • Chemical oxidation ozone application technology
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing ozone application technology
  • Medical health ozone application technology

Core technologies of ozone system equipment integration, online detection and remote diagnosis control

Development technology of ozone generator series products

  • Ozone chamber technology
  • Ozone special medium and high frequency power supply technology
  • Ozone generator control technology

Development technology of ozone system supporting products

  • Gas source processing system technology
  • Ozone dosing system technology
  • Exhaust gas treatment system technology

Core key device technology of ozone generator

  • Key device technology of ozone discharge
  • Key device technology of ozone special power supply control unit
  • Key device technology of ozone special medium high frequency and high voltage transformer

Certificate of Patents

  • Technology-related patents


  • Core patent


  • Practical new-type patent




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