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Good news! Guolin Technology has won another national invention patent!


Recently, good news came from the State Intellectual Property Office that "an ozone reaction device for flue gas denitrification" declared by Guolin Technology has successfully obtained a national invention patent.

The patent of the invention "an ozone reaction device for flue gas denitrification" relates to the technical field of flue gas purification, and provides an ozone reaction device for flue gas denitrification. The ozone reaction device of the invention effectively realizes time-sharing and partitioning nitrogen oxides (NOX) through structural design. The step-by-step injection of ozone is conducive to controlling the generation time and amount of N2O5, which in turn is conducive to improving the utilization rate of ozone and preventing excessive ozone loss. The patent can be widely used in boiler flue gas burning denitrification treatment in steel, glass kilns, thermoelectric, heating, waste incineration, biomass boilers and other industries, flue gas denitrification treatment in the petrochemical industry, etc. At present, the device has been put into use in the company's new ozone denitrification combination process.

All along, Guolin Technology has been continuously strengthening scientific and technological innovation and driving development with innovation. The acquisition of this invention patent will help the company further improve the intellectual property protection system, form a continuous innovation mechanism, and enhance the company's technical strength and core competitiveness.



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