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Guolin Technology participated in the 63rd Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo


Recently, the 63rd (Autumn 2023) National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo and 2023 (Autumn) China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo") were held in Xiamen International Expo Center. The exhibition brought together 1,575 brand exhibitors from 23 countries and regions around the world, exhibiting more than 10,000 sets of pharmaceutical machinery equipment and high-tech products, providing a grand industry feast for nearly 60,000 professional visitors in the pharmaceutical industry.

Guolin Technology, as a representative enterprise of the ozone industry, appeared at the Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo, displaying innovative products and high-tech in the ozone field, which attracted wide attention. In addition to space disinfection ozone generators, the products on display this time also include ozone water machines, medical high-purity ozone generators, and experimental high-concentration ozone generators. Many pharmaceutical company visitors stopped to visit and consult. In front of the Guolin Technology booth, visitors streamed in an endless stream, and the professional explanations and enthusiastic services of Guolin science and technology technicians were also highly praised by the visitors.

Medical high-purity ozone generator: Medical ozone generators are extremely demanding because they involve the human body, and substances other than ozone cannot exist. Especially for the disinfection of water for injection, ozone is widely used by pharmaceutical companies because of its good sterilization effect, easy operation, and no pollution. It gradually replaces the thermal sterilization method with high equipment cost, high energy consumption, and long sterilization time. Guolin Technology's medical ozone generator adopts electrolyzed water technology to produce pure ozone through unique technology, without any other substances and elements, which can form ozone gas or ozone water output.


Guolin Technology has accumulated a large number of successful project experience in the ozone field, and always adheres to the requirements of high quality and high standards for Product Research & Development and production. Guolin Technology's ozone products meet the design requirements of ISPE, GMP, OG and other regulatory guidelines in the pharmaceutical industry, and provide users with user rights management and disinfection programs. The disinfection process data can be saved and retrieved to meet the work needs of pharmaceutical companies. Guolin Technology continues to innovate, strictly grasp quality, help pharmaceutical companies upgrade, and continue to assist end users, pharmaceutical companies and other partners to achieve effective cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry and help the pharmaceutical industry achieve high quality and sustainable development.

During this exhibition, Guolin Technology received extensive praise from a large number of users, and ozone products were highly recognized by users.
In the future, Guolin Technology will continue to contribute to the vigorous development of the pharmaceutical industry. Looking forward to working with more pharmaceutical industry partners to create a better future.



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