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Guolin Health made a wonderful appearance at the 2024AWE Shanghai Exhibition


From March 14 to 17, 2024, the 2024 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE2024) hosted by the China Household Appliances Association with the theme of "Intelligent Technology, Create and Enjoy Life" was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As a professional manufacturer of disinfection equipment and medical apparatus, Guolin Health made a stunning appearance with its blockbuster products and showcased its strong strength.

As the world's top technology event in the field of home appliances and consumer electronics, this exhibition gathers highly influential and technological enterprises at home and abroad to comprehensively showcase the latest achievements in the field of intelligent technology products and consumer electronics, with the aim of strengthening the attributes of AWE technology-based exhibitions and leading advantages of technological innovation, bringing attention to the audience's cutting-edge innovation results.

At this exhibition, Guolin health exhibits were dazzling, not only bringing a feast of products with ozone technology as the core to the audience, but also contributing many highlights to this exhibition, fully demonstrating the innovative strength of Guolin health technology.

Guolin Health relies on Guolin Technology's ozone technology precipitation and other technologies for more than 30 years to create a series of products in the health field with a professional R & D team and new design concepts. Through independent research and development, upgrading and transformation, large-scale flexible production has been realized, and air disinfection machines, oxygen generators, hydrogen-rich water machines, 20L water machines and other products have been launched to achieve continuous optimization and iterative upgrading of products.

At the event site, Guolin Health's technical team introduced the product's R & D background, core technologies and functional features to the audience through professional explanations, deepening the user's understanding of the enterprise. The sales team started from the audience's needs and concerns, and patiently answered questions such as product usage methods and after-sales services. Through communication, the audience had a deep understanding of Guolin Health's products and spoke highly of their professionalism, quality and service.

In order for the audience to experience the performance and effect of the product, Guolin Health set up an interactive experience area at the event site. The audience can not only operate the hydrogen-rich water machine to drink hydrogen-rich water, but also feel the changes brought by high-concentration hydrogen to the water quality. They can also experience the high-efficiency and high-quality molecular sieves and advanced filtration technology to bring large-flow oxygen supply. Among them, Guolin Health's hydrogen-rich water machine has received high attention and praise from the audience for its high-concentration hydrogen of 1200PPB and its functional advantages of antioxidant and rejuvenating cells.

Taking this exhibition as an opportunity, with the help of the international display window of the 2024AWE Home Appliances Exhibition.Guolin Health showcases the innovation and development results of disinfection equipment and medical apparatus with ozone technology as the core to the world, and shares business opportunities and promotes development with global exhibitors.



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