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GUOLIN Launches 2024 Client Server Skills Upgrading Training


Recently, in order to improve the company's Client Server capabilities, improve job skills, and provide customers with more professional and thoughtful services. The company invited the Gas Products Department, Legal Department, Finance Department and Customer Service Center to collaborate on this two-day training.

The main content of this training covers the standard operation of the company's ozone system and VPSA oxygen concentrator process installation and commissioning, the necessary communication skills and quality improvement of customer service engineers, as well as detailed interpretation of customer service center policies, and all-round safety awareness education. It elaborates the financial reimbursement process and precautions, and explains the key elements of standardized filling of service acceptance documents and contract signing. The training content not only covers the professional knowledge foundation in various fields, but also focuses on the common problems and difficulties in current customer service work. With their rich practical experience and profound professional accumulation on the front-line site, many engineers integrate theoretical knowledge with practical experience, teach each other, and share their insights.

Through this solid and rich training, the trainees have a clearer understanding of their work, mastered a more comprehensive work skills and safety knowledge system, and laid a good foundation for the continuous improvement of Guolin's Client Server quality in the future. I believe that in the future work, our Client Server team will self-motivate with higher standards, provide customers with more professional, efficient, high-quality and comprehensive services, and implement the service concept of "customer satisfaction" in every bit of action.



  • Customer Service Center


  • 7×24 year-round service

    2 hours response, 24 hours at the scene.(In China mainland)

  • Active intelligent service

    Complete customer profiles providing proactive services

  • Expert considerate service

    We have long-term cooperation with experts of ozone technology.

  • Upgrade

    Cooperate with client to upgrade relevant equipment in the ozone generation system.